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Review Of Save The Marriage System


Save The Marriage System Reviews

I knew this eBook had an excellent chance of working when I read the main concept. According to the author, marriage is not a constant state of euphoria. I found this statement right on target.

The book offers powerful insights as to how to save your marriage. I found the eBook different because it discussed a lot more than better communication. I learned the main roadblock to communication is perception.

I found the voice of the author both respectful and entertaining. The book is based on real-life examples, easy to understand and filled with inspiration and authenticity. I will not say the process is easy, but I was ready to fight for my marriage.

My marriage is still not perfect because perfection is fantasy, not reality. I will say I am no longer in danger of ending up in divorce court. The reason is I listened to what the author had to say.

About The Author

Lee H. Baucom is a marriage counselor, has two children, a good marriage and is the author of Save the marriage system. He has a Ph.D. and two Master’s degrees in family therapy and marriage.

I was impressed to learn this has been his field for 22 years. He created new techniques for family therapy because he wanted to improve the overall success of his counseling sessions.

Lee Baucom realized the success rate of the majority of marriage counselors is 20 percent or less due to the outdated techniques they are using. He wrote the book because he knows this system works.

He freely admits there are numerous ideas, courses and books designed to save marriages. The difference with this eBook is he knows what works due to his experience in helping couples.

Save the Marriage System is a combination of his coaching and therapy methods to reveal what is really happening in your marriage. He explains the steps you need to take to save your marriage even if you are nearing divorce.

The Details and Benefits of  Marriage System

Prior to reading the 17 enlightening chapters, the author recommends reading the Top Five Mistakes Report. This report is ideal for anyone whose spouse is interested in ending the marriage. I found this brief guide to be right on target.

Everything in this report can damage or end your marriage. Unfortunately, when emotions are involved many people make one or more of these mistakes. I was shocked when I realized I had already made three out of five.

The next section to read is called the Quick-Start Guide. The guide explains the steps to take depending on how far your marital issues have progressed. This includes being aware of any issues that may become problems in the future.

The author also discusses spouses telling their partner they are unhappy or threatening to walk out permanently. I found the author’s advice solid and accurate. This guide helped relieve some of my stress.

The Down-N-Dirty Guide taught me what to do to win back my spouse. The information here explained how to construct the right plan for saving my marriage. I learned why a temporary separation is a bad idea and that games are never the answer.

The Dealing With Resentment & Anger Report explained why there was so much anger on both sides. This is when I finally understood how much damage is caused by anger. Not only did I learn how to handle my anger, but the anger of my spouse as well.

The audio for Mid-Life Marriage Crisis was probably the best 19 minutes I ever spent. This was when I knew a mid-life crisis was responsible for 90 percent of my marital problems.

I learned a mid-life crisis was the reason my husband felt that although he still loved me, he was no longer in love. This may be an old line, but in my case, there was a lot of truth there.

Once I understood the reason my marriage was falling apart, the author showed me exactly how to fight to save it. I finally understood why my husband wanted to end our marriage.

The audio Title Recovering From an Affair is excellent for anyone trying to understand why their spouse had an affair. The author explained why an affair is not necessarily the end of the marriage.

He explained how understanding can make a marriage even stronger than it was in the past. I could see the hope I know will help anyone in this situation. The author explains the reasons affairs happen and how to get past them.

The report for the Five Rules for Fair fighting is excellent. The author recommended I print out this report and I did. I often referred to the rules to follow whenever we were fighting.

According to the author, when any of the five rules are broken, the fighting will intensify. When the fight reaches a certain point of intensity, the best solution is taking a breather from each other.

Jennifer and Paul Thibeault wrote the 46-page Change of Heart eBook. At the time I read this, I was starting to believe the only answer was either divorce or separation. The authors showed me my marriage was worth fighting for.

They also explained how they saved their own marriage. I found the questions at the end of every chapter incredibly helpful. A lot of the information fit the issues we were having. I also learned the steps to take to fix these issues.

The Results of Save the Marriage System

I found the system easy to understand. I had no difficulty following the exercises I learned. The author has bulleted points at the close of every chapter. This helped me understand what I had actually learned from reading the chapter.

The author used either hypothetical situations or real-life examples to support every concept. The system covered every element of marriage including intimacy, arguments, finance, work, sex and kids.

I found Save the Marriage System a very comprehensive guide. I believe this eBook is appropriate for a couple that is nearing divorce as I was, separated or even newly married couples. I know this book can save marriage because it saved mine.

I was intrigued by the four modules. Each one explained a different aspect of marriage including the intricacies. The main part of the system is the Save the Marriage eBook. This brought everything together in my mind.

I also received two audiobooks and eBooks as bonuses I found very helpful. I believe this was partially due to the interesting and lively tone the author used to develop the topics.

I was able to understand and relate to the examples quickly and easily. As I read each chapter, I discovered a unique way of understanding the reasons why my marriage was failing.

I thought about accepting the offer of a trial version, but I decided to purchase the entires system with all of the eBooks and audios. This turned out to be an excellent decision.

What I found interesting was how the author managed to develop each topic in relation to the next. I found this a unique way to learn and take the correct actions. Looking back, my perspective changed a little after every lesson.

The contributions I was able to make were an important part of saving my relationship and marriage. I learned about marriage counseling, trust, money issues and why they were so important for my relationship.

The conflicts we were having were destroying our marriage. The eBook showed me how to resolve these conflicts to strengthen my relationship. Every claim made by the author was backed up with years of research.

I learned new ways to repair the damage in my marriage including how to approach any of our issues. One of the most interesting and effective approaches focused on the strength and tone of my voice.

I learned to find the balance between being exceptionally soft-spoken and aggressive and controlling. I learned how to change my voice to show both authority and compassion.

Lee Baucom showed me why marriage counseling can do even more damage to a marriage. With Save the Marriage System, I was able to do everything necessary on my schedule. This proved to be extremely effective.

I found out the biggest mistake we were making was not listening to each other whenever there was a crisis. Both sides of the story are equally important. I managed to accept my mistakes and move forward.

I also learned an excess of power can destroy a marriage. If either person is too controlling, the other feels suffocated. I was amazed at how much difference changing my attitude made.

One of the most difficult issues we were facing was resentment. Once I learned how to handle the negative impact of these emotions, the issues started to resolve one by one.

I also read the reviews before I purchased Save the Marriage System. All of the favorable comments and stories were what finally made me believe the system actually worked.

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