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Honest Thoughts and Opinion on Mend the Marriage: An Online Guide to Save Your Marriage

Relationships are a delicate dance that require each partner to give and take in many aspects of the life that they share. What happens when something goes awry? How do we handle infidelity, financial struggles, distrust or distance issues?

While some partners decide that these setbacks are unable to be corrected and ultimately decide to separate their lives, others struggle to find a way to reconnect and rise above all odds to maintain a successful relationship. For couples that decide to stick it out and fight the battles that are hindering their marriage relationship, many lack knowledge pertaining to how this can be done.

What is Mend the Marriage?

In the age of digital resources, many couples have turned to an online course called Mend the Marriage that is specifically designed to help couples save their marriage. Relationship coach and divorce expert, Brad Browning, published this best-selling course as a comprehensive guide for men and women of all ages who want to save their marriage.

It provides tips from experts on how a husband and wife can save their marriage from falling victim to divorce. It also provides tips and encouragement on living a happier and healthier life with your partner. Taking course attendees into the depths of the intricate balance between husband and wife, Med the Marriage provides powerful insights on how spouses can find each other again.

Course Basics

Mend the Marriage provides three course material formats: an e-book, audio materials and visual materials. Covering topics that are commonly encountered within marriage unions, this course discusses strategies to get your marriage back on track after encountering common marriage qualms. This online self-help course discusses three common marital mistakes and strategies for overcoming them.

The ABCD system is introduced as a way to Accept the situation, Build resilience, Commit to change and Dedicate yourself to the task. These four steps are the core concepts of the online course and are deemed the essential elements for saving one’s marriage. As a contender for divorce avoidance, Brad Browning is committed to helping couples overcome marital problems and rebuild their relationships.

How Can Mend the Marriage Help You?

The goal of Mend the Marriage is to help husbands and wives save their marriage. A comprehensive guide is provided to guide course attendees through the steps need to reverse divorce decisions and facilitate the mending of marriages.

It discusses essential key factors that often go overlooked but play a big role in pushing many marriages over the edge. Jealously and infidelity are just a few common elements that are discussed by Brad Browning in the course material. These elements are notorious for tearing relationships and families apart. Mend the Marriage also discusses tactics that can be used to rebuild family connections, which are organized into useful formats like the Family Systems Theory, Managing Anger and Sex and Intimacy.

Material Elements

As previously mentioned, the online course strongly focuses on the ABCD method which involves acceptance of the situation, building relationships, committing to change and dedicating yourself. These four elements give way to various discussions within sections of the e-book that can be utilized to support the core concepts of Mend the Marriage.

Since every marriage has its own unique challenges and strengths, Mend the Marriage identifies every potential scenario that may come into play in a failing relationship. Resolutions are discussed, problem root causes are identified, and possible methods of resolution are encouraged.

Despite the goal of Mend, the Marriage, this material is an online course that does not guarantee an outcome of divorce avoidance. However, it does aim to serve as a guideline for individuals who are considering divorce or have failing marriages. In addition to education, saving your marriage also requires resilience, hard work, patience, dedication and desire. These elements must be present before Mend the Marriage can truly make a difference.

Critical Material Concepts

Mend the Marriage course material includes techniques and advice for individuals at every stage of marital strife. In the “Forever Phase,” the author discusses the steps that are necessary to get your marriage back on track. It provides intense detail and a learning guide on concepts to veer away from negative memories that can interfere with the rebuilding process. The “Forgiveness Technique” gives couples advice on how to fully forgive your partner for wrongdoing, secrecy, infidelity and more.

This material also includes bonus items to help get your marriage back on track. The “Infidelity Survival Guide” helps guide attendees through the delicate topics of infidelity, trust and forgiveness, while the “Children and Divorce e-book” provides guidance on helping your children navigate the murky waters of their parent’s marital strife. “Money Matters” also provides insight on financial issues that can arise in marriage and divorce.

Benefits of Mend the Marriage

Additional benefits of this course material include:

  • Course material that applies to both men and women.
  • Provides various tips and techniques to mend and repair broken marriages.
  • Course contains multiple formats, including an e-book, audio, and video series.
  • Discusses all scenarios that come into play in failing relationships.
  • Includes bonus content discussing specific topics such as infidelity and finance.
  • Easy to understand material.
  • Cheaper and more convenient than marriage counseling.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Ending Thoughts

Mend the Marriage does a great job of addressing various scenarios and points of contention in marriages that are on the rocks. Discussing tips and tricks to resolve issues in various relationship are based on insights and critical points of conflict and apprehension. Author Brad Browning’s knowledge and experience in handling divorces and relationship issues serves as a powerful tool that can help save marriages that are on the brink of divorce.

Though the online course may not be as effective as one-on-one counseling or in-depth coaching, Mend the Marriage is made for those who prefer self-study. Backed by a 60-day guarantee, potential buyers can be assured that the content contained in this marital material is relevant and useful.

Taking the courses offered by Mend the Marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will ultimately be saved from divorce. However, it provides guidance on issues that must be resolved for any marriage to come back from the pits of irreconcilable differences and frequent conflict.

If you are interested in resources that can help rebuild your marriage, reconnect with your spouse and ultimately save you from divorce, Mend the Marriage might be a good option for you. With expert education and advice, a commitment to betterment and an open heart, Mend the Marriage is a useful tool in facilitating open communication about your marital issues.

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