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What Compels Readers to Learn the Inner Workings of “His Secret Obsession” 2020 Real Reviews

I have often wondered about the secret to obtaining a man’s interest. Even better yet, how to be his obsession.

I do not think that I am alone in this interest. To most women, men are compelling, intriguing, and quite mysterious.

As you gaze at the man of your dreams, it is not uncommon for a woman to wonder, What is he thinking? Almost every woman, at a moment like this, has wished that men came with an instruction manual. Well, here it is:

What “His Secret Obsession” is All About

If you have ever wanted to know how to compel and fascinate a man so that he yearns to be yours, you are now in luck. This is because a relationship guide has been written that explains what drives the man that you want to form a closer bond with you.

It is written by psychologist James Bauer, who has over a decade of experience advising people on life’s most important issues, dilemmas, and queries.

He is also a relationship coach, and he has worked with thousands of women on the topic of how to get and keep healthy and thriving partnerships.

The book is divided into 2 parts, with 17 chapters, or modules. You will discover and that will invite many moments of epiphany and appreciation for Bauer’s insights.

The style is engaging, spicy, and well-written, and it will keep readers turning pages, just like I did, to discover the next big idea and insight and to learn the techniques to implement these ideas into an intimate relationship.

James Bauer Provides Readers with Exciting Insights

James Bauer wrote this to help his female clients understand the male mind.

This book will explain what you need to do to fascinate a man by explaining men’s secret drives, which most men aren’t even aware of, that are compelling them.

Instincts as basic as hunger, thirst, and sex are primal instincts. But in being compelled to find a partner for an intimate relationship, other instincts could be even stronger than sex!

The Male Psyche Laid Bare

The author observes that for guys, there is a deep biological drive that resides inside every man, and that drive is to feel needed.

The secret of  is centered on working with a privileged knowledge about man’s innate impulses. And one of the central and most pivotal of these primal instincts is the overwhelming urge that Bauer has called the Hero Instinct.

He expresses this concept with insight, style, and intelligibility. Even more germane to our concern, James Bauer shares wonderful ideas that will help women to understand the male drives.

How to fascinate and intrigue a man, what excites his interest, triggers it, and turns his interest into a spark that ignites a flame and becomes your man’s obsession.

Apart from the Hero Instinct, James Bauer writes on other vital instincts and traits of male psychology.

The wonderful thing that I discovered when reading this book, besides the very useful techniques to make the man that you desire your own, is that the author’s understanding of psychology helped me to improve my understanding of what guides behavior.

Because who doesn’t love a mystery? And who doesn’t feel pleasure when the mystery is satisfactorily, compellingly, and brilliantly explained?

Even if the man in your life had wished to give you the key that explained what he was thinking and feeling, he is often unaware of what compels his behavior.

“His Secret Obsession” explains that much of this is experienced on a level beyond conscious thought patterns and that it is stronger than awareness, intention, and conscious cognition.

Knowledge is Power

However, once you understand the secret to a man’s obsession, it’s like a switch has been thrown. Power, light, and illumination are cast upon the topic, and more importantly, upon our love lives.

And the best part is that the techniques that “His Secret Obsession” suggests are natural and comfortable to execute.

James Bauer created this relationship guide for an audience that he sympathizes with, and understands, from his extensive work in relationship counseling, as well as his education and expertise in psychology.

His women clients desired the knowledge that would work for them in making men see them as compelling. Bauer’s writing shows that he understands that any guide has to feel natural.

He imparts his advice in a book that is easy for the reader to study, understand, and implement.


“His Secret Obsession” is engagingly written, delightfully told, piquant, pleasing, and a book that tellingly spills the beans about what drives men’s behaviors.

This is a work that is fun to read, as well as one that imparts important knowledge.

Author James Bauer has clarified and formulated the methods to reach out and get your man in this easy to use relationship manual. Being in the search for a great relationship is demanding enough, right?

Here are techniques and ways to feed your man’s basic drives that I found to be natural and easy to use.

Discover the attributes and traits that you can learn to put out as signifiers to help men see you as someone that they could find themselves in a relationship with.

It’s a book that lays out the secrets of holding a man’s attention, for example, the concept of the Secret Signal.

Or, how about the idea that a man needs to feel that he has earned love. And this is just one example of the tricks and techniques that Bauer shares and lays bare.

Bauer gets his message across, and he gives clear instructions that I could implement with no need to memorize long passages.

In working with therapy clients, the author learned he had to create a methodology that was easy to use, and he had to develop a way for clients to communicate their ideas, whether in person, in text, or on the phone.

“His Secret Obsession” is a relationship guide that meets the goal of its target audience, which is women who want the men that they are interested in to form a connection, to feel desire, and to become the subject of one’s love interest’s obsession.


“His Secret Obsession” can, at times, feel like a self-help book. This means that you are going to have to do the emotional work of getting yourself ready for the romance and love that you deserve.

From acquiring “His Secret Obsession” to reading it (and it’s a very manageable and well-written book) and then putting in the time and energy to be irresistibly compelling to your man, the ball is in your court.

A Fascinating Read on Man’s Innate Drives

I would recommend James Bauer writings to its primary readership, which is single women who want to find a loyal and devoted love partner.

This work is a well-written read, sharing secrets of the male psyche, so I think it would also interest straight men who are curious about why they act as they do.

“His Secret Obsession is a work that concerns itself with the innate traits that drive a man’s fascination and excite his innermost being. It explains why these instincts have been breed into men.

Whether you want to find that special someone, maintain the bond of the relationship that you already have, or rekindle the spark and get back to being the dynamic duo, this book is for you.

Once a woman understands these urges, then she can then take the actions necessary to excite a man’s attraction, desire, loyalty, and compel him to find her irresistible.

Love and romance are the great topics of psychology, philosophy, and a driving element of the Arts.

Where would we be without the love story? This is a work that is crafted to explain the primal urges that drive a man.

Here is the ammunition that you need, aimed at the gal who wants to posse up and get her man through the techniques gleaned from “His Secret Obsession.”

Discover how to become your guy’s obsession and love interest. Own it and enjoy it now! Highly Recommended.

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